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"Organizing always seems impossible
until it's done."


Fishhawk Home Organizing is a local small business, that is committed to providing confidential, non-judgmental professional organizing services that meet the unique needs of each client who desires and seeks help.

Fishhawk Home Organizing was created with the mission to help busy and overwhelmed families regain control of their chaotic lives. In most cases, a lot of stress and anxiety is caused by our own living space. Unfortunately, the mountains of our accumulated possessions and clutter can weigh on our spirits and make cleaning almost impossible. 

Fishhawk Home Organizing will help you fall in love with your home again, by implementing time-saving solutions and personalized, functional methods to each customer. It will transform your home into a peaceful haven, where you'll love to spend quality time with your family.




"I had wanted to organize the toy room for months but never got to do it. It was just getting out of hand, so I decided to contact Fishhawk Home Organizing to help me. It went from total chaos to my favorite room in the house! Kinga showed me how to decide what to keep and what had to go, which is a hard mental process for this hoarder. Next, we decided on what should go where and finally everything has its own place. Now the playroom is so neat and organized, and it’s much easier to keep it that way.  I am so grateful!"

Josely Z.

“Thank you, Kinga for listening so carefully to my family's needs. Now our closets look just the way we wanted: easy to find anything, and most importantly, easy to maintain, even for my kids. ”

Olivia S.

"I can't even express how thankful I am for Kinga's help; she helped me through the most difficult time of my life. After my mom passed, she not only helped me clear out my parents' house but also left me with a great organizational system in my own house.

I needed her caring and passionate guidance; I would not have been able to do that physically and emotionally hard work on my own. I am forever thankful, and it is good to know that she is only a phone call away whenever things get out of control in my house again."

Edith J.

Nobody ever said
"I regret organizing my house."


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