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"What is done in love, is done well."

Vincent Van Gogh

My Story

Hi, I am Kinga Turi, your professional organizer right here in the Fishhawk neighborhood.

Our family joined this wonderful community 7 years ago. After several local and overseas moves (4 before kids, and 2 with our two precious toddlers at that time), we can finally say that we have arrived home. 

All these moves meant lots of packing, unpacking, organizing, reorganizing, and building a "home" every single time. This might sound like torture, but for someone like me, this wasn't really that painful at all.

For as long as I can remember, I loved to organize and rearrange things (even the furniture!) in my room as I was growing up. My mom never knew what to expect when she stepped in since I liked to move things around to make it look better and feel cozier. Later, after I moved out, I always made sure everything was very functional and comfortable in my own living space.

Considering my love for order and attention to detail, it wasn't a surprise that I chose Finance as my career path. After graduating with high honors from Florida Atlantic University, I really enjoyed working in the corporate world. But the office work only lasted till our kids were born, because my motherly instinct triumphed and made the tough choice to stay home and work 24/7 with no breaks or vacation.

Welcome to mom life! 

My organizing skills were definitely put to work, but they not only helped me keep our home and kids in order, but they also kept my sanity in line as well. With the kids growing and outgrowing things, I frequently purged, organized, and reorganized our living areas to fit our needs.  I was constantly looking for ways to make my everyday tasks a little less daunting and stress-free so that I could focus on the more important things in life.  By doing so, I realized that this is such a beautiful and fulfilling journey and found joy in it.

Organizing became my passion and obsession, and I soon wanted to share it with others as well.

After helping some of my family members and friends, and getting their super appreciative feedback, I started looking into this sought-after profession, which I wasn't even aware existed. I started reading every book that had anything to do with organizing. I learned a wealth of information on my own, but later with the encouragement of my family and friends, I decided to get certified and open Fishhawk Home Organizing. 

Now, I absolutely love having my own organizing business, because I can help overwhelmed moms and busy professionals simplify their lives. I am excited to share, teach, and offer hands-on support to others while they begin their journey to minimize, organize, maintain, and fall in love with their homes again.

My Style

My approach to organizing is based on making a space accessible, functional, and beautiful,

which is accomplished by using my MOM (Minimize, Organize, Maintain) working style.

I strongly believe that in every case, the very first step must be minimizing, which can be achieved by purging unnecessary items. Only after this crucial step, can the organizing begin. 

Less stuff means easier accessibility and better organizing options. While organizing, I focus on functionality and aesthetics as well, since I know it must be pleasing to the eye for one to use it joyfully.

Once the space is beautifully organized, and every item has its home, you will feel mentally and physically much better, and the maintenance should be effortless.

My goal is to leave you, the customer, with a system that is easy for everyone in the household to follow, and clean-up is a lot faster and less stressful. The time saved could be spent on more quality time with the family, or just relaxing and enjoying life. That choice will be yours!


My Method

I am a good listener. I pay close attention to everything you say in order to better understand your organizational needs. I am particularly interested in what are your goals, by understanding what works for you and what bothers you the most in your home.

I am a doer, not a talker. I work quickly and efficiently, and I will not take advantage of your time or money. If you would like to help me move the project along faster, please do! If it stresses you out, let me handle it! If you would like to learn tips and tricks to keeping a space organized, ask me and I will teach you while I do the work.

I clean as I go. So, if your project space needs to be wiped down, scrubbed, or vacuumed, I'm happy to do that and will bring the necessary supplies with me. 

I am budget-friendly. I aim to keep your overall costs as low as possible. Although I do often need to purchase some supplies for projects, I do everything I can to utilize what you already have to achieve your organizing goals. 

I am health conscious. I am happy to wear gloves and a mask, at your request.


My Work 

Need some inspiration? Take a look at some solutions that worked for my clients.




My Certificate

 At the beginning of this year, through IAP Career College, I became a Professional Organizer. 


Screenshot_20220313-125208_OneDrive Certificate.jpg


My Mission

My goal is to impact, empower, and inspire because I believe that organizing services can be the gateway to the peaceful and beautiful life you've imagined and deserve.

My Hobbies

Even when I am not organizing at a customer's house, I surely do it wherever I am.

Most of the time this doesn't even involve physical action, it only means that I am constantly brainstorming and researching for better solutions. And that is perfectly fine because I can do that while I enjoy my hobbies, which are cooking, baking, and gardening. But so far, I can say that the most brilliant ideas have popped in my head during my early morning runs. 

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