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Minimize, Organize, Maintain


Do you feel: 

 - overwhelmed with all the stuff that you own?

 - you don't have enough time to keep your home clean and tidy no matter what you do?

 - you need more space and order in your home?

 - that moving is too big of a task to handle by yourself?

 - that compassionate and guided help could make a huge difference in your everyday life?



No matter how big or small your project is, working together we will establish an individualized and functional system that will work best for you.

So, you'll be enjoying a more peaceful and simpler life. 

Services offered


Step 1: Consultation

This session is designed to assess your needs through a series of fact-finding questions. If we’re a good fit, we’ll create an action plan to meet your organizing objectives.

Step 2: The work begins

The in-person organizing session will include purging and decluttering unneeded items. From there we can assess what’s left, and assign a new home for every single item in the appropriate space.

Step 3: New System 

I’ll work with you to create long-term organizational systems that fit your needs and lifestyle, in each area of your home.

Step 4: Minimal Waste

Only unusable items will be trashed. By donating, the unwanted items will have a chance of starting a new, purposeful life in someone else's home.

Step 5: Enjoy

Just sit back, breathe, and relax in your newly organized and peaceful space.


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