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Reclaim your home!

Are you planning on buying a bigger home this year with the hope that you and all your belongings will fit in a lot more comfortably? Maybe. But even if you are not, I am sure that you are secretly longing for some additional square feet in your home. Trust me, you are not alone!

I recently read in a report by the Census Bureau “that over the last 42 years, the average new US house has increased in size by more than 1,000 square feet, from an average size of 1,660 sq to a 2,687 sq”. While our families are getting smaller, we still feel tighter in our much larger homes. How is that possible?

Do you remember the first time you saw your current home? Or the day you moved in?

Take a moment to focus ONLY on thot specific time.

Since then, I am sure you had a couple of disappointments with it: leaking toilet, mold forming in the bottom of the pantry, crack in the wall, stained carpet, just to mention a few. For now, let’s disregard those, and let’s focus only on how and why you fell in love with it.

Most probably it was sparsely but beautifully decorated (staged) or completely empty, and you saw a lot of potential in it.

You imagined yourself in this spacious place as a calm and happy person.

You imagined yourself making so many fun memories with you kids. All the cozy and “rosy” feelings….

Now let’s turn the wheel of time to the present moment. What happened? Did your home shrink? No, it didn’t shrink, but it surely feels like that. STUFF happened! 😊 

So, if you don’t have to relocate, then you don’t necessarily have to move. Instead RECLAIM your living space square foot by square foot! The good news is that the space is there. Space is different than time and money. It never gets spent or lost. It is always there; you just have to RETRIEVE it.

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