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Who is a professional organizer?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

The truth is that we all want to be happy.

But I wouldn’t be exaggerating either if I would’ve said that ALL we want is to be happy.

The big, eternal question is how can one achieve happiness?

We all have our trials and errors every single day. We all try to achieve this ultimate goal in different ways: new hairstyle, new carrier, moving in a bigger house, buying a new car, a puppy, or some random cute stuff (oh the shopping therapy), just to mention a few.

And for sure, these provide us with temporary happiness, but let’s be honest, sometimes they bring even more stress into our already tired and longing lives.

But what are we actually missing?

“Order is one of the needs of life which, when it is satisfied, produces real happiness”

concludes Maria Montessori.

This is where professional organizers come in the picture. So, who are they?

Professional Organizer

Professional organizers are individuals who help other people get organized for a living.

Yes, they are notoriously famous for their space designing and organizing capabilities, but they don’t only create picture perfect closets with fancy labeled containers and color-coded hangers.

First and foremost, they are troubleshooters and problem-solvers. They have an almost "magical" ability and wisdom to step into your shoes, and actually help bring order in your chaotic life by applying organizational systems and processes that work for your specific lifestyle.

They can teach you and couch you on how to run your home more efficiently and how to keep it organized, which in turn will lead you to a household that runs like a well-oiled machine. Consequently, you'll acquire some free time, get rid of the unnecessary stress, and be left with a more satisfied you and a happier family to enjoy.

So, no wonder that professional organizer, Barry Izsak arrived concludes that

“For me being organized isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.”

While I can’t guarantee that having your life in order will win you the happiest person alive award, I can assure you that you will be one step closer to feeling lighter and jollier.

You are welcome! 😊

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